Blind Zero — No Way, José! lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "No Way, José!" by Blind Zero.


There is a smooth and splendorous body waiting
Wait for me tonight
I have a wish full of cash prize money sent to efface
my crime
There are a hundred greedy marching puppets that will
set me free
I believe I will be the moonlight
Free again
I got a windowpane between mud bars
I will call it: forever gone
And a heavy move across the borderline
And a fast-forward trial
I fell into to a trap
Tonight, no tracks of mercy will I bring with me By the time I hit the moonlight
Moving on Why am I sitting down here drinking cheap wine, waiting
at half past dawn?
See, the walls exploded into twelve spitfire horses and
then a cardiac room
I feel sad, you know, it´s like everybody left the
party, gone in make-up and lies
´Cause right about now I see the moonlight moving on Moving on Daylight shines beneath my life again and lets no one
enjoy my overturn
Daylight comes to bound me to images of you
So let my drunken heart do its best
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