Bleach Blonde — Starving Artist lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Starving Artist" by Bleach Blonde.


This is our time because we got what we want
But we don’t want it anymore.
If this is so wrong
Then why the hell does it feel so right?
I’d give up all of my sins
Just for a kiss, one second.
Maybe I’m just shallow; it comes with the stage.
That makes me the starving artist
That makes you the heartless prey
I’ll covet the spark;
It will ignite both of our hearts
Before we exit this car,
Before our bodies tear apart.
And as we float down this dream
We see graves at lightning speed.
We’ll never see past the trees, no,
We’ll just hover.
And I did not forget the rest of you,
Empty with your eyes glued.
You’ve got a heart that never opens up to anyone
Except the boys who fail to think
Because their heads are numb.
I think I found a lover that kills.
Come on, kill me.
What you don’t need to know.
Besides, I told you on the phone
I’m not coming home.
My bones cracked like porcelain.
Damn, you attacked that hollow heart
And then locked yourself in.