Bleach Blonde — Pen and Paper lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Pen and Paper" by Bleach Blonde.


Everyone knows your name
But they’ll regret it in an instant.
And you’re free to go; go with the wind,
Rain down on all the perfect faces.
Swing for the fence, empty your hands
Because I’m scrolling through the station.
If there’s nothing wrong, say something, hun.
Because you know that I will catch you.
When you fall, I got your back.
Know that I will capture you.
All of you look the same
But you’ll regret it in an instant
You may travel far across the sea
Impress all the teachers and the boys you meet
Interested in different things.
And I won’t make a sound.
It’s only who you are
It’s never who you were, where you’ve been.