Bleach Blonde — Is That What You Want? lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Is That What You Want?" by Bleach Blonde.


It’s not enough to get you
Tattooed on my sleeve. It’s not enough to get
You on the floor, ready to score.
I’ve got this thing for delicate lips, your sexy
tongue when we kiss. I was thinking we could get
on this train, make a break for the bar,
maybe finish at my place.
Because isn’t that what you want from me?
I can’t live without you inside my head.
I’m dying to meet you.
I’m dying to please you.
I must admit I worry a bit
About all of the things that you couldn’t resist.
But I held your hand and it trembled and flinched
I got a couple of things I gotta get off my chest.
Let’s start where all the lines cross.
Let’s lay them to rest, just put them to bed.
Now I’m a disaster.