Blacktop Mojo — I Will Ramble On lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I Will Ramble On" by Blacktop Mojo.


The tires on the asphalt are screaming out the name
Of a girl back in Dallas, yea she’s the one to blame
For playing with my heart, fooling with my soul
How could I believe she was the half that made me whole?
This road’s my only comfort as the peddle hits the floor
Trying to outrun this hurt I’ll feel forevermore
I look into the rearview; I see a face from the past
In this race against the pain, I’m coming in last
(‘Cause) My head it is a drifting like the sunlight through the trees
In this fast car bound for nowhere back to her memory
I can still taste her lies in every single kiss
Betrayal in her eyes, the poison in her lips
The only thing left to do now is run
So I will ramble on
In every quiet town I pass along this road
I always get the feeling that everybody knows
That I’m running from something that I just can’t escape
I can’t go back now, no, I fear that it’s too late
Up there on the dashboard, the reason I must keep away
A bullet rolling round, on the side I’ve scratched her name
As this sadness turns to anger and I run out of gas
I’m terrified of what I’ll do if I ever turn back