Bird Of Youth — When My Wings Hit the Shed lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "When My Wings Hit the Shed" by Bird Of Youth.


One day soon while the doe-eyed girls swoon
At the floor where your feet sit
I’ll throw you a fit
And i’ll start throwing stones
And say «my, how you’ve grown,
I just can’t believe it»
Turn my face to the crowd
And i’ll laugh right out loud
As they spit, yeah, their teeth they just grit
On the sharp bits of sand
That I pulled from the pit
Where those cold days lay limp
You can’t live with these bones
Turn them into a home
Rolled off the slim fingers of A young girl who will roam
So you paint the walls red
And as your face hits the bed
What will you dream of what will you dream of My first love
I cannot be this clone you want
Nail-biting debutante, screaming
«i want, oh, I want,»
No these words have flown
Oh you should have known
You fucking savant
You cannot love these bones
That cannot be alone
Rolled off the slim feathers of This unfeeling dove
So you love that instead
And as her wings hit the shed
What will you dream of?
You’re pulling strings, you’re pulling stunts
Your lips are preening
In the dungeon where
You built the ship that sails
Among the tallest tales
Between your teeth and wails
Over the tines and scales
That bind your feet with nails
You’re stuck in time
You can’t go back, my love… My love…
And this limp bird can’t roam
As your mouth fills with foam
Rolled off of your slim, tender tongue
So you swallow the dread and
It fills you with lead
And as the ground holds your head
What will you dream of Your limbs have bled dry
And the days won’t be kind
They will be peaceful in time
When you speak your last line