Bird Of Youth — The Sound of One Name Dropping lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Sound of One Name Dropping" by Bird Of Youth.


I went out tonight
And met some people I already knew
I touched the wall
And I asked what should I do You cave, and kill the lights
Relive all the fights, learn your moves
Then craft some cutting comments
For the evening news
You’ve run your mouth right down
Into the ground and it shows
Quit your fakin, you’re makin sure
That everybody knows
That boy don’t make a sound
As you drag his name through the ground
But your bragging and your baggage, man,
It’s so damn loud y Eah he could’ve been a father
He’s every woman’s son
Look at all the tricks he taught her
Ain’t she pretty, ain’t this fun
You’d best put on your brave face
Cause you’re staring down the sun
Those aren’t weapons,
They’re just broken little toys
I see comedy in the fact that
We’re both winning
Hey, you scored, when the seasons changed
And you stepped out of the ring
I see fallacy in the fact that
We’re both shilling
But what you’re selling comes so cheap
You’re lying tangled in the corner
They’ve gone and placed their bets
And all that lies upon the table
Is another cigarette
You see a last ditch move to strike now
It just sounds the same
As all the kids out back
With skateboards makin noise
I’m gonna give this street
A whole new name
Someone played a old song
You were out there playing games
And the choice of conversation
It was looking rather plain
Now your bridges are all burning and
You’re dancing in the flames
And you’d like to think
You never had a choice
We’re gonna let you win at your own game