Bird Of Youth — Right On Red lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Right On Red" by Bird Of Youth.


Last night I fell
Ask why and I won’t tell
I made no sound
Spilled upon such storied ground
It’s pinstriped mane
This thin light hand
Was asking me to dance
I took a breath and I took the chance
A wrong turn
Someone’s thinking of her
This night’s not for lovers
It’s for slips and covers
Good friends
The singer not the song
I don’t play fair I just play along
I see better parts of me But you saw them first take heed
This leaking pen
The shattered limbs
Is a sign you’ve seen the worst in me
I saw different
Lines carved in cement
Names on graves and barn doors and last stands
Brothers with no others
To make this life a home
With for a breast they spit and moan
Too tired to sit we heard a call to arms
Up on the highway strip and through
The blinds they could see but it hurt to look
I don’t run for trains I’m too ashamed of the faces as the doors shut
I’m sad and mad and shook
I see better parts of me But you saw them first, take heed
These ten cents ashes are a sign there’s nothing left to see
The better driver
A bigger fool
Yes I’m hoping what the drinks washed off I knew
What you brought as an afterthought
Stayed our hands after the rain had stopped
You say
I sleep
But not then or don’t you see
Never tired, a bad liar
I won’t take the wheel this night
My left
This path
If you would please cut the lights
What a great summer night