Bird Of Youth — One Hand Able lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "One Hand Able" by Bird Of Youth.


One more time
One more time before you go One more time
One more time and then you’ll know
I recall
Ruby flowers on the wall
I recall
Gilded frames all down the hall
You stole the show
Sitting pretty, tall and proud
In the front row
As I lingered in a bow
Every trace
Every note and light and page
Lives on your face
As you move to take the stage
Nights and hours at this table
Pinning seams, you’re one hand able
I climb trees, I know
You’ll be there watching
I used to walk
All across the parking lot
We used to talk
Of a war that you had fought
A blue oak frame
Near a window facing east
A box of games
Much too young to wait and see
Set the brush down on the table
With this scene, you’re one hand able
I dream high and
You were right there watching
At the desk you proved a fable
Making stitches one hand able
Tell me anything at all
I’m waiting
There were cushions on the chair
They sank real low
When you put them there, I had to go Dreams of love, you heard, you did
I didn’t think to ask where you once lived
One more time
One more time before you go One more time
Tell me please how will I know
When it’s time
If it’s time just tell me so And when it’s time
Say goodbye before you go