Bigbang — So In Love lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "So In Love" by Bigbang.


Where the best comes to an end
And meets the worst
I came walking along and I I came first
What will I do here now I said
I better quench my thirst
I woke up and stood up and said what’s up then I I looked around
I wanted to scream out to everyone
Look what I found
I couldn’t even think straight let alone
Make a sound
I was so in love with who I thought you were
I was in the air
I was so in love with who I thought you were
And it wasn’t fair
I sat down and thought for awhile then I I heard a ring
I looked up to see that the white moths were
Were on the wing
Heaven and wood seemed to have
He’d be in the lead
Become one thing