Big D And The Kids Table — Stringers lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stringers" by Big D And The Kids Table.


When we’re driving to the local bar
On the radio’s the latest pop
Can you turn it off
When we’re walking by the local shops
On the tele is that polished pop
The silly singer is like a stripper
A dancing baby doll American girl
Please can you turn it off
Just turn it off
Don’t want to hear no stringer — Oh no
Just play SKA, Punk or Rock 'n' Roll radio
Don’t want to hear no Stringer — Hell No
We want to here something cool in our stereo
Is that too much, too much to ask? No!
Put some coinage in that jukebox
Scroll around and cue up my tunes
We grab the table in the way back
First round of bottled beer will be here soon
Sort with the waitress shots of whiskey
She disappears in the crowded room
That’s when we here something tasteless
The silly pop stars single starts to boom