Big D And The Kids Table — Not Our Fault lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Not Our Fault" by Big D And The Kids Table.


She grabs food off the aisle because she ain’t got no cash
See her daddy threw her out after she stood up for her self
So the store clerk, tell the coppers and the coppers tell her dad
So she’s gonna catch some hell but it’s not her fault
Sitting on the bench she sees her dad talk to the law
Then comes a beat up kid thrown up against the wall
They toss him down beside her and they tell him not to talk
He says «What the hell did you do?», she said «It's not my fault»
Desperate shoplifting
Is not her fault
The girl takes a liking to the boy right away
She cleans a little bit of blood off him whit her black handkerchief
She asks him what had happened; who the hell had scraped him up?
It was eight kids at a party but it’s not my fault
He goes…
Already got a chip on my shoulder tonight
Ready for a bad time on Saturday night
When the Ivy Leaguers saw him in the party whoa no
They surrounded me with fists but it’s not his fault
Just, just being
It’s not his fault
Take a look
Open your eyes
Yah, everybody’s not the same
See some of us gotta do things right
That to some just might seem insane
Oh… they both take a liking
Necking in a station
Skipped out without telling
Yeah you gotta love them
Oh yeah it’s not our fault