Beenie Man — Me and My Links lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Me and My Links" by Beenie Man.


Me and mi linky dem a link up
Wi link up and a drink up
Wi smoking up wi neighbor
Smoking up di air, di atmosphere stink up
Me and mi linky dem a link up
Wi link up and a drink up
Nuff drinks deh yah fi shear
And gyal deh yah fi rear
Red wine inna mi pink cup
About half dozen top shelf mi carry on yah
Red bull and ting, and couple Tropicana
Piece a hot grabber plus couple marihuana
Two piece a KFC but that a fi Lana
Mi si gyal a come around like seh dem a karma
Which one mi fi choose that a di drama
Inna gyallis world mi a di Maridana
So mi draw fi di simmas weh inna di corner
Whole night wi a stake out
Man and woman inna di corner a make out
Di vibes tun up and di woman dem a break out
Food deh yah but yuh still a order take out
Mi si two piece bikini deh all bout
It’s being a while but tonight mi a go all out
Circle meck round two gyal a broad out
And mi a eye ball a gyal weh mi a pree from far out