Arise From Thorns — The Red and the Black lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Red and the Black" by Arise From Thorns.


Drowning in the same sea
I can find no shore
Am I to suffer forever in memory?
Was I among the fallen
To be cursed for life, where do I turn?
The cold winds have come again
And I have no shelter…
My wounds are deep and open
Waiting to be healed…
Was I among the fallen
To be cursed in life, where do I turn?
Born with a blackened heart for what?
I did not ask to be this way…
But it is all I know
Again burned by the same flame
To tear my heart and burn my mind
So deep is my sorrow and hate
I just want to know why…
Visions of this break my soul
Into a thousand peices
Demons may lash at me
But I hold a wicked flame of spirit that will burn
The cruelest enemy, I’ll slash away
Their wings and open halls in their minds
So that they may all ARISE…