Arise From Thorns — Among the Leaves lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Among the Leaves" by Arise From Thorns.


Will I ever find you?
Will you ever come?
Perhaps your just an image
That my mind created
To dry my tears
Without sleep I can’t see
But my heart never fails to deceive me
I’m riding upon eternity
And watching
In fading memory
I asked for nothing
But faith in you
Or was it all
Just hope?
Let not the tides pull anymore
For I’ll not easily
Come back to you I hear a call to go home
I see these faces from long ago
I’ll fall to the ground among the leaves
And stare above
At the bluest skies
With peace
Here I am alone again
Eyes closed as night sets in
You’ll awaken to a new day
And in this dark I’ll ever stay
Did they understand me?
Did they see my good intentions?
Did they notice when I gave myself away?
Will I ever find you?
Will you ever come?