Arcane Haven — The Waters lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Waters" by Arcane Haven.


I see it happening
Right before my eyes
I’ve never been the type
To let words affect me
Or to give into verbal warfare
Of malicious intent and purpose
It’s a vicious cycle
Of hungry egos feasting on
The weaknesses of those
Too uncertain to stand up for their beliefs
Hear me now
This is our battle cry
Hold your ground
This is our call to arms
How can a heart so hollow
Sink like it’s made of stone?
How can a soul so empty
Feel so full of hope?
I could drown in my own misery
Or keep my head above the waters
This body is just a vessel
In a sea of treachery
How can you think of no one else
When you place the weight of the world
On their unwelcoming shoulders
I will shake
This looming shadow of persistence
And emerge as the peering light
Of a new day