Arcane Haven — Afterimage lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Afterimage" by Arcane Haven.


We are the future
We are the in between
We are the generation
Of future kings and queens
And when we die
The choices that we’ve made
Become the monuments
Of every legacy
I will defy
The false pretense
Of this society
I will defy
The limits placed
On my mortality
We are the future
We are the in between
And we will never fade
Fade away
Our voices carry on
Their echos carry us
But in life
We tend to be near-sighted
And often times neglect
What lies beyond our vision
What I wouldn’t give
For another hour in my day
Another day in my week
Another year, another life
And when we reach the end of our time
What will we have left behind?
An empty book full of vacant pages
Or tell the story of our lives?
There’s no rest for the crown
There’s no rest for the crown
If I could live forever
Could I ever keep being me?
Because I can’t even keep my mind
From wondering all of the time