Anastasia Markov — Snails lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Snails" by Anastasia Markov.


I’m outer space and you’re my jam
if I’m the thief, then you’re my plan
If you’re a snail, then I’m your shell
If you’re a buzzer, I’m your bell
If you’re the sand, then I’m the waves
I’d like to visit twice a day
If you’re a spider, I’m your bum
I’ll always help you make your home
If I’m the stage then you’re the band
If I’m the moon, then you’re my man
If I’m the moon, then you’re my man
If I’m a bee, then you’re my queen
If I’m a pillow, you’re my dream
If you’re a giant, I’d buy heels
So you would never have to kneel
If you’re a dress, I’d be the lace
I’d keep you tied up in your place
If you’re the sweet, then I’m the spark
I’ll light you up when things get dark
If you’re a zombie, I’m insane
Because I’d let you eat my brains
Because I’d let you eat my brains
I know it’s not much but it’s all I’ve got
Those three words can not get the point across
There’s a lump in my throat
When you’re around
I try to put it into words
But all that comes out is
If you’re a fossil, I’m Dr. Jones
I’d show you off to everyone I know
if you’re a phone, then I’m your case
Cuz I don’t want your face to break
If I’m the sun, then you’re my stars
Let’s meet for lunch today on Mars
If you’re the clouds, I’d learn to fly
Even though I’m afraid of heights
If you’re my heart, then I’m your blood
I hope you pump me full of love
I hope you pump me full of love