All Shall Perish — There Is no Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "There Is no Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet" by All Shall Perish.


depleting the need of thieves to care
they rise on degradations wings
i’ve seen, we’ve all seen
we have seen the coming price for our
self-righteous greed
a cry from earth for chances
a silent plea
deciphered in a manner
lost in failure
we’ve left innumerous numbers
falling into tears
they’ve lost their lives
weire on a killing spree
killing spree
the blood of tortured souls stains us the blood of tortured souls stains me i can’t bear it we must see where this lies leading
then we’ll listen, then we’ll listen to a cry from earth for changes
a silent plea
deciphered in manner
lost in failure
we’ve whored this world for riches
and we soon shall see
we’ve lost our lives
what good is all their money when
there’s nothing left to buy?