All Shall Perish — Rebirth lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Rebirth" by All Shall Perish.


Rebirth of a lost way of life
A mentality quickly abandoned
This dominion will rise up from ruin
But not without a grotesque demise
Do not forget what life is meant to symbolize
The true test of one’s personal stature
The strength of will has arrived to direct us This pitiful erroneous understanding has left us Left us depraved
Who has sent this place into perdition?
What scapegoat can we create?
Only to ourselves can we truly lie
No one cares about your decisions
The affected move on without you
Face the emptiness you create
You create
You create
We are the only ones to blame for this disaster
The few make an effort while the rest rot away
Crown yourselves the kinds and queens of lethargy
Within you lies the momentum of change
Dissolving this distasteful life we lead
While we all drift away
We came searching for someone to blame
We hurt the ones we care the most
This place of solitude will bring out the deepest secrets we all push down
Mass reckoning will leave us all out in the cold
Hoard of derelict vermin
We will be begging for absolution
Dissolving this fucked up life we lead
Let the sounds of disaster take you away
Let the waves of redemption crash down on you