Akira Manera — Mary's Lullaby lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Mary's Lullaby" by Akira Manera.


Listen Mary
Where did you go last night?!
Everyone looks for you
But no one ever seems to know
That you just
Looking for you love
The love that you deserve
Listen Mary
Last night I heard you cry
Rivers of feelings
That you keep hold on your heart inside
I hope this lullaby
Will make them free to fly
Will make them free to fly
I’d like to take the wheel of time
To give your freedom back to you
But what you’d lose on the other side
It’s more important than your own life
'Cos the best things
And the worst days
Sometimes they come together
And you can’t cry
And you can’t fall
Your baby needs to grow strong
She just needs you
But if you feel all alone
Don’t stay by yourself
You can just call me…
Listen Baby
I just wanna tell you that
Mom is a good girl
And she loves you with all her heart