Aggro-Fate — Split Apart lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Split Apart" by Aggro-Fate.


Its Gonna Stop Right NOW!!!
I Never do anything right
in the eyes of you
you came and ruined my life
feeling so depressed and used
you came into my world
and stripped me of my soul
if its my life
why aint i in control
(Pre Chorus) these games you play
make a fool of me
you’re not in charge
i gave you everything
you thought you pulled the strings
you thought wrong
(chorus)You Seperated… me and my life x 4
But its gonna stop right NOW!!!
You like to think everything must
revolve around you
my self esteem disapeared
gave in like you wanted to
how can i be so stupid
i should’ve seen it coming
you make me so damn sick
sick to my stomach
(Pre Chrous)
Split Me Apart x 4