Agathodaimon — Ribbons / Requiem lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ribbons / Requiem" by Agathodaimon.


Random raining, ribbons of melancholy
The moment dies right here, before me
Grey horizons tarred to my days
The curtain fell, still the solitary plays
Dance with me, me dear
The dance of those, who’ll never return
Bleeding traces left behind, for the living
Hear life forging with death
It’s a gorgeous storm unfurling
I’ve awaited for so long
Now you taste like honey, dear
On my rigid tongue
It’s soothing as you delve
Into my crescent agony
Your lips of tragedy licking my requiem
I am betrayed by your kiss…
«Would you bleed for me again
For I adore its pounding
On your fetid, lifeless shell, it becomes like satin
No love existing, oh, my darling, see
I am the architect of this bitter-sweet abstract»
A key, a door, a vision, remnants of a dream
Corridor of conclusions thru wide ribbons seen
Like a statue starring with the same cold eyes
Honey, kill me again, for know now what I am
Lay down with me, my dear
Listen to this requiem
You always loved to hear
Through you knew the words
You did sing them wrong
Blood began to clog
Still in the rain
Some things can’t be remembered
And some are harder to forget…