Against The Fire — My Second Setup This Week lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "My Second Setup This Week" by Against The Fire.


I fell asleep on monday night
And up on saturday in time
For all night marathons
That kept me strapped to my seat
Your face was burned into my dreams
And every single tv screen
I check reality…
I know i’ll be on my way soon
Six days till i will be with you
They’ll never know how much we’ve gone through
To get this far
I love our conversations
How i can’t wait to follow through
They’ll never see the lengths we’ve gone to to get this far
God knows where time can take us now
And the hours turn into minutes
Seconds fly by 'cause it’s just nothing to it
Killing time is what i do best
Please don’t leave this all on me
I’m just as clueless as the sun that shines on a rainy day
Soon we’ll find out what the future brings