Against The Fire — Broken Bottles in the Water lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Broken Bottles in the Water" by Against The Fire.


Don’t tell me that i have thoughts so cluttered
That being subtle is as fake as dates and time
And the sparkle in your eye
I can feel it, i can feel it tensing up and tearing down my spine
You’re the victor, i’m not astounded
You’re always there to make me what is right
One hand in my mine, the other at my throat
I am not ashamed to say that you’re the fire and i am just the match
Light me up so you can see, light me up for you and me
Don’t you see what we have done together?
Shadows gone and wars are won because of us
And if you feel as if you are drowning
Know that i am here, Im here for you
One hand in yours, the other at your throat
This isn’t much of a game
And im so sorry that we played
It’s too bad you think you’re so much better
You’re so much better than me
I’m calling you out, and Im not ashamed to say…