Aesop Rock — ZZZ Top lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "ZZZ Top" by Aesop Rock.


Somebody in a cultivated moment of distress
Composed himself to artfully carve Zoso in his desk
They was probably thinking f**k you f**k you f**k you
in they head
With a hell bound arm and a acidy wash
Homemade curfew a thousand o’clock
And a pot leaf tattoo his friend did drunk
Like a badge of mystique that technically sucked
Taking the name of the father in vain
On the way to the blade in his locker, it’s strange
A switch he lifted from a siblings skivvy drawer
Who branched off into ninja stars
And never knew his shit was sharp
To here with a higher purpose
And a prime alert to juvenile beserkers
Like kush Van Morrison an Arcade Drop Floor
Down to the valley time for miss Ahkmar, watch
Capital Z (ed), slowly maneuver the O S is the most difficult to control
Finally O Into the eye of Goliath you goes
That levee crushing percussion
Will pull the monkey up right
Twelve or ghetto blaster
Blacken her technicolor telecaster
Lecture at a faster rate
The class was making them develop backwards
It would appear you spelled out all the answers
Somebody in a cultivated moment of distrust, composed
themselves enough to magic-marker «Zulu» on these
chucks, they was tryin to do the buckle font from
'renegades of funk', in a 3d frame of exploding brick,
and whiz-lines for the locally motion sick, beyond
gross but evoked a host of «oh dip» where a social
neurosis owned the whole strip, heart of a cat with a lark in his mouth in the marrow of waiting his
guardians out, flashlight, chisel tips, milked venom,
pistol grip, images relocated from milled vellum to scissor kick, silent agreement at hand, king of the
hill for a queen of the damned, she in the doorway
seething began «that clean white pair had a 3-year
planl», oops, capital «zed», radical «u» in the cut,
truly to beautiful «l"oser it up, and he done,
collateral damage a future alum, that key to Shambala,
planet rocking, Bambaatta, sample chop, churning out a cancer for the vandal squad, analog, and he finds,
animated colors on a page, like synthesized cultures on a stage
Somebody in a cultivated moment of resolve, composed
themselves enough to publicize «the Zeros» in this
stall, they was scoping every dog and pony previously
scrawled, with a festering hate for the gum drop edge,
'disco sucks' tee, punk’s not dead, but a transient
teen unsung godsend, via 3 bar chords and a mugshot
grin, cheese, sign of a runaway tone in the face of authority thumbing nose, cutting it’s teeth
Pretzled up in special order vinyl, and birds that dip
their belts in little metal porcupine quills, 2 dutch
at a show in the front, low-key to the can for a smoke
and a f**k, Trixie, fixing her lipstick up, when his
mitts got bit by the mischief bug, snatchl, capital
«zed», terrible «e» in vermillion red, gimme an «0» and
a slippery «s», over a web of the shittiest bands, that
beat your heart out, never bleeped your favorite parts
out from a learned curve, of bird fingers bursting out
of germs burns, urgently, offered through the circuits
ofan earlier plot, I’ll see you at the
When they ask how you, feeling you, tell em you,
feeling like, something important died screaming, you,
tell em you, feeling like, something even more
important arrived breathing, something you should
probably try feeding
When they as how you, living you, tell em you, living
like, something important died hissing, you, tell em you, living like, something even more important arrived
giving, something you should probably try willing