Aesop Rock — TUFF lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "TUFF" by Aesop Rock.


Dumb diggy, bump Biggie
Til the landlady holler, «Get a haircut, hippie!»
The death knell generator entertain a fresh kill
Breath quell dressed like a bloated sack of dead cells
Shedding, purple tape, purple hawk ape
A single flower through the permafrost
Pick himself and learn to walk in furry pants
War paint circling a duralog
Four-faced devil by his side like a service dog
Shlock purists watch the block burneth
One o clock prophets in the parking lot at perkins
The perfect politician’s thirty clicks outside of Sturgis
Doggy bag doctors, military deserters
Who still shop surplus and can’t hold jobs
I look like I’m wearing a ghillie suit but I’m not
Roll out ghost of Camu on the pegs
Might pedal by the police
Tough with two F’s
Ah fuck that shit look
Can’t tell if I’m a little withdrawn
Or dead dogs set to quote unquote live on a farm
The coke bottles tint film noir
Trippin' out the milk bar
Poison horchata cup
Milf in a zip car
Six arms six hand styles like ships on scrimschaw
Part Def Jam part Dischord
My wig picker threw me out of her office
Had the cold turkey benzo summer was awesome
Onion a benzie’s
Summer was awesome
Got brats on the grill
Wormwood in a cauldron
Horse hoof in the dog’s mouth
Cholera in a well
Make money periodically vomiting on himself
I read Nat Geo craft and crack geodes
Lift party hats out of Craft Depot
Unleaded mire blood pumped through his neck
Came down from the mountain
Tough with two F’s: …
(What's so funny?
You, what are you laughing at?
I said what are you laughing at?)
Before player ever met his omega
They were effectively reducing his behavior into data
With plans to build a dais where the
People grow potatoes and cabbage
Don’t make him raise the gate between the bettas
In a spectacle display in the nature of strange neighbors
I paint caves til the rage campaign tapers
Show a new crop how he used to moonwalk
Out of breath like a seven day old balloon dog
I still hang band posters and buy black lights
Crib decorated like a dorm room at Brandeis
Still pretend I’m gonna build another half-pipe
Nevermind the fort era christening in pantsize
Man, who could’ve guessed the future of abominal imagery
Would also share a birthday with Kenny G? None
The ninety-nine cent two cents keeps two arms folded
Tough with two F’s
Yeah, let’s do it like that
Unh I pay a guy to lean over steepled fingers
Then convince me to pay him for his teas and tinctures
The string cheese dinner kid speak Cheech wizard
Fore I’m gone like Gossamer under number three clippers
Three forged in various pulp channels
Even his prized horse rides a wolf into battle
Even his blood and body couldn’t pick him out a line up Or his name off the paper
It’s Aes pronounced «why us»
First learn the high art of eyeing a mark
Buying nickels for a dime at the park
I learned to rhyme in New York
I learned to breathe underwater
I learned to walk with a ghost
Adidas reeking of sulfur
A children’s cemetery font
When home is a bleeding ulcer
Everything you’ve ever stood up for is keeling over
Moon set beautifying
Cartoon death catfish on a farm
And tough with two F’s