Aesop Rock — Getaway Car lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Getaway Car" by Aesop Rock.


A yo, I send this to all of my corporate
Corpses tryin' to abort the thoughts of coming out wildn'
Dumbin' out time to off the office, I was surely sorta
Twisted, worked at a TV studio, an audio assistant, easy
Do my duty though at times was in a mean mood
Hot I gotta be cool, on the brink of fiend’s drool
Glaring at the green room, made a brother the same color
But beyond neon, pushin' me to peon, barkin' at dreams to be gone
Tending to the talent and many they haven’t any
Was especially a challenge when he be like goddamit
Can he hear his vocal as he cuffin' it, «How my mic sound?»
Thinkin' on the low it’s perfect when he put the mic down
Clown stand steady grillin' wanting subservience
Sound man buryin' thinkin' I’d fuckin' murder them
And I’m steamin' as I’m watchin' duke, leavin' on some hot pursuit
I gotta win as these cats be modelin', what not to do?
6 in the morning and the walls close in High noon calls and the walls own him
Kings at the ready know the walls won’t win
Storms on the harbor like a harbinger of gore
Gore is my harbinger, pardon the art of war
Get your doors darkened by the house of card carpenters
Who never thought a slave could be a sparticus and more
Pencil sharpener with a resume for the carnivores
Who take important conference calls in corner office walls
Still a buck is a buck and he punch numbers five punch
Just say no to company functions and he duck into the dungeons
Nothing says, «Kill it» like a day of fetching
Paper-clips and staplers for the privileged
Two lives one is chores for whores, one is Where I want to be when you begin regretting yours
And I poured in with a large coffee
Tardy every morning to a man who
Took authority beyond what it was for
How you gonna pay the rent day job free?
Make rap records, matter of fact, thanks, peace
In a hospital gown day off
From being tied down in recreation
Swinging a paddle at mental patients
Raping the competition to smother the pain and sin
So he pounds you out in table tennis like Wang Liqin
Too strange within just to stop demented interactions sleep
And thoughts documented
He’s lingering insane paint thinner in his vein
Colors blown out around the doctors finger
In his brain with a needle unable to beat him
In a fetal position he crafted a path to escape his condition
Would cling to the white walls the psych halls in his mind
Soon bled the words he would speak to the world in time
But not before more injections strapped to the bed
Until the psycho-tropics took hold of the rap in his head
When his wrists released he wrote tunes you could snoop through
Day of release said depart from me I never knew you