Aesop Rock — Dorks lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Dorks" by Aesop Rock.


Question: If I died in my apartment like a rat in a cage
Would the neighbors smell the corpse before the cat ate my face?
I used to floss the albatross like Daddy Kane with the chain
I’m tryin' to jettison the ballast with the hazardous waste
The kid is comfortably numb, routine a tedious crutch
Steep in a self imposed Stockholm and Lima in flux
Maybe an occupation popular with demons and ducks
Made any mingling akin to being seasoned and stuffed
It’s a theatre of jumpin' jellyfish, jealous little sycophants
Miserable and flimsy from the skippies to the pissy pants
Each one seperately convinced
They’re sketching with Da Vinci’s hands
Delusion turned the communication to prison camp
You fuckin' dorks ain’t a threat to the cause
There ain’t a lesson we can learn from the ostensibly lost
I think it’s funny when defendants from identical haunts
Step out the tempest
A measure of what the spectrum involves
Maybe no one cares, party over here, I’ll be over there
Don’t need no help, all by myself
I used to hang around with rappers at the root of the scene
It meant a lot to feel the fugitive community breathe
Maybe to sentimentalize is to be truly naive
I know some shit about your heroes that you wouldn’t believe
I think we’re all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong
The songs are echolocation up in impregnable fog
That’s why it’s odd to see a pile of imperfections and flaws
Ascend a pedestal to patronize the rest of the cogs
In a mess of obnoxious fantasy, posturing and pageantry
I ain’t even mad, I’m impressed, shit it’s baffling
God almighty chop an ivory tower to piano keys
Play your own dirge on the way to surfin' maggot beach
You fuckin' dorks ain’t a source of the art
You can’t be cooler than the corner
Where you source all your parts
The poker-faced, all it takes a couple sordid remarks
We let the manticore out, We make the sorcery bark
Life is so unfair, party over here, I’ll be over there
Don’t need no help, all by myself
I view the rattling of sabres like a show to expose
Insecurities exploding in emotional code
With braggadocio to go from mostly jokey to gross
Corrode a homie til his probity is notably ghost
Before the hobby was a jobby was a miniature Hell
You would wobble round your momma like an infant gazelle
The disillusionment has truly been a difficult pill
But you as anything menacing is a difficult sell
In a whistle-and-bellorama, black mollies that dress up like piranha
It’s not even compelling melodrama
It’s a comedy, somebody wanna shop you as a saga
I’m very voluntarily persona non grata
You fuckin' dorks ain’t the leaders we need
This ain’t the medium for divas out to weasel and breed
I’m often coffee with the paupers over tea with the queen
Don’t make him show the regency what disobedient means
Heavy load to bear, party over here, I’ll be over there
Don’t need no help, all by myself