A Loss For Words — Siesta Key lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Siesta Key" by A Loss For Words.


It’s Christmas eve and we’re in Cleveland
We’ll make it back if there’s no snow
Just like 4 years ago in Philly
When we barely made it home
To all those nights spent on the road
With 8 hours left hours left to go
With the highway as a home
I spent my 25th in Cardiff
We had our Halloween in leads
Thanksgiving in Sarasota
Playing baseball on the beach
I’ll hold on to days like these
For the rest of my life
I’ve got the world beneath my feet
And my family by my side
And when this all comes to an end
I won’t regret a minute spent
To all those nights spent on the floor
In a broken down airport
And I couldn’t wish for more