2 Chainz — 36 lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "36" by 2 Chainz.


That’s how many ounces in a brick
That’s how many ounces in a brick
Whip that shit, with my wrist
I might whip your bitch if she ain’t with that shit
Young whippersnapper, I might eat that snapper
Got a yellow bitch, gotta whip to match her
All I know is soda bakin', all them other niggas fakin'
Watch them niggas fall to pieces all them other niggas flakin'
Did it for my city sellin' crack out my building
Now I ride around with a crack in the ceiling
Exhale, Ziplock, flip-flop with them burglar doors
Yeah, I got that hard work, nigga, you are unemployed
Residue all on the floor, just made a mill
So you know that’s what I’m hungry for, get it how you live